GE Elec-Trak History
What started at General Electric in the 1960’s with a big idea for an electric car then shifted gears into an even bigger idea for an electric lawn mower as a mobile power station.  Over 33,300 Elec-Trak lawn mowers and tractors were produced in Scotia, NY.  After a few years of production, GE started a spin-off of a new color scheme covering the same tractor and called them New Idea.  Ultimately the Wheelhorse Corporation bought out the Elec-Trak line then Wheelhorse shut down their production soon after.  Bill Gunn, a mid-west dealer bought out what was left of the Wheelhorse parts and tooling then he was eventually bought out by Jim Coate who owns The Electric Tractor Store in Virginia.

What tractor do you know of where you can drive, without any gasoline, into a woodlot and cut down and trim up a tree with a factory issued chain saw - and do it quietly?  How about connecting the factory inverter to your tractor and running the refrigerator for hours during a power outage?  Or running a hedge trimmer, hand drill, hand cultivator, and/or grass clippers just by plugging into the tractor's accessory outlet?  How about driving you and a friend around on a golf course carrying both bags under a canopy?  Or have 32 forward speeds with 16 in reverse - including cruise control and a disk brake too?  How about plowing or snowblowing a handful of snow-covered driveways?  Or mow yours and a few neighbor’s lawns at midnight and make hardly a sound?
The following are examples of a small collection 1970's advertising, company brochures, and promotional material.

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