Elec-Trak electric tractor parts, repair & restoration inventory.
INVENTORY:  Generally, we do not stock new or re-manufactured parts.  Most of what we have are used parts in functional condition.  Please contact Jim Coate and/or Harold Zimmerman in the RESOURCES section for all the new parts you could ever need.  On occasion, we get lucky and bring home a few new, newly manufactured, and NOS parts - see photos below.  What we feel are the crown jewels of our inventory are the NOS and newly manufactured card #1's (fit E12s & E15 tractors).  Plus we have the dedicated test equipment to verify these cards are in tip-top condition.  See cards and tester in photos below.

We inventory only original Elec-Trak electric tractor parts acquired from various ET owners who have decided to clean out their basements, garages, shops, and barns.  Take a look at the following photos and see if there is anything you are interested in.  Some of the items in these photos have been sold, traded, placed on our to-be-restored shelves, or put to use at our property.  As we dig through the many boxes, we will be adding photos of more inventory as the days and weeks go by - stop back to see the new arrivals.

LOCATOR SERVICE:  We have been very fortunate in finding many tractors, attachments, hand tools, and parts to bring back to the shop.  Often we discover more than we can incorporate into our inventory and make those items available to anyone who is interested in retaining us as brokers where we assign a reasonable fee for this valuable service.

We have tractors, attachments, hand tools, and many, many boxes of original Elec-Trak parts.  Some of the items are genuine NOS (new old stock - never used) still in the original packaging.

L to R - E15 (sold), E12s (traded), mower deck (restored), snowblower (restored), rototiller attachment bar (for sale).
This is the 1st of many groups of tractors, attachments, and parts we brought to our shop.

E20 - this 40 year-old tractor is now completely restored/upgraded and is displayed on the Home Page.
Previously owned by a retired GE employee that used to build Elec-Trak electric tractors.

E12s - sold.
Along with this E12s, came hundreds of valuable Elec-Trak parts, attachments, & manuals.

Mower deck - traded for ET Dump Cart.
This mower deck has 2 rare large motors.  It also had a 1-year warrenty from the previous owner.

Snowblower - sold.
An Elec-Trak electric tractor snowblower showing little wear.  It speaks fluent snow removal.

Pretty rare rototiller - restored and sold.
An impressive Elec-Trak electric tractor attachment.  Sure to make any owner the envy of the 'hood.

Dozer blade - restored and mounted on our display tractor.
Note modified Elec-Trak dozer blade lift location.  Lift does half the work = less motor wear.

In the next 5 photos are some samples of the inventory brought back to our shop.  Many of these parts have been sold, traded, or restored.
Lots of rare Elec-Trak electric tractor taste treat sensations in this photo.

This E20 had evidence of numerous electrical issues/events in it's storied past.  The wiring has now been sorted out and the tractor has become the shop bulldog and dirty job workhorse - see next photo.  We built a new driveway with this powerful machine and will have many more tasks for it as they appear on our project work list.
It's amazing what great Elec-Trak electric tractor stuff is hiding in people's basements & garages.

This tractor can be seen on the trailer in the photo above.  We believe a direct short through it's drive motor to the frame was in part a major cause of melted wiring, a burned shunt, burned "toaster" resister, and numerous head-scratching moments.  Many hours of wiring repair, removing the drive motor and installing a bench-tested used motor, replacing the front lift motor with frame & belt, installing a rebuilt charger & timer, and topping it off with a new seat gave the tractor a new lease on life.  It's 1st job was to build our new, much wider combo driveway & drainage ditch where just a garden tractor path existed before.  The mighty E20 did an impressive of building this new driveway and topping it off by spreading tons of driveway stone.  Now we can actually drive vehicles up and down this new access road to the street.
The quiet giant is building us a new driveway.  The Elec-Trak electric tractor is very impressive!

Some pretty rare items in this photo.  Chainsaw, canopy top, manual rear lift, double seat, and a mower deck with HD motors.  The tractor is long gone to an unknown source.
Amazing original Elec-Trak double seat, canopy, chainsaw, HD mower deck motors, manual lift, etc.

Rare sickle bar - restored, sold, and shipped to OR.
Another impressive group of Elec-Trak electric tractor parts, attachments, etc.

Rare inverter (now restored), rare HD (heavy duty) front spindles (painted & installed on Home Page E20), NOS cards, dash gauges, head light lenses, and brake (I have lots of brakes & parts).
Elec-Trak electric tractor inverter.  Power outage @ home? Just plug your 'fridge into the inverter,

New old stock (NOS) knobs.
NOS (new old stock) Elec-Trak electric tractor knobs - still in orig, packaging.

We have tops for both diameter mower motors.

The infamous new & used "toaster" resisters. 

More toaster elements.

NOS and used PTO's.

Mower deck/motor ring flanges.

Small diameter mower motor rigging.

Large diameter mower motor rigging.

Mower deck guide bracket sleeves - protects deck from raising deck too high.

Chargers and extra PVC bases.

New double stack replacement contactors.

Circuit breakers.  We stock some NOS CB's also.

Fuse holders/boards.

Wiring harnesses stripped from various E12's and E15's.  Includes wiring harnesses from mower decks.

There are two stuffed boxes of wiring harnesses - some complete and still in bags.

The infamous card #1.  We have over 20 new and over 20 for parts.  We also stock new parts for rebuilding the cards.  We bench test each card prior to sale.

Our card #1 tester.  Pretty cool.  Any card #1 is fully bench tested prior to sale.

Lots of lift motors - with & w/o frames.  Lots of front bumpers too.

New lift belts.  One used belt noted in photo.

E12 and E15 speed controls.  We have two NOS speed controls.

Lots of mower deck support arms and miscellaneous deck parts. 

Plenty of casters (aluminum & steel), and lots of original wheels.

Plenty of oak, PVC, and other types/styles of rear deck rollers.

A large number of drive motors.  One NOS E15 still in box, over ten E15 drive motors, three E12's, and two E20's.  There are a few parts motors also along with various stray motor parts, housings, etc.  We also have 3 snow blower motors.

Buckets of spindles, steering arms, crescent gears, steering shafts.  We stock plenty of cast front axles & parts also.

These appear to be Wheelhorse weights.  They do "fit" the ET rim however I have not attempted to bolt them up to verify compatibility.

We have a limited supply of rear tire chains.

We have various rear tires - many are mounted.  There are also a limited # of front tires and rims.

Mounting brackets, front/rear weight boxes, more mounted tires.  The dings & bent metal will be removed from the weight boxes as best as we can prior to shipping.

Front bumpers.

NOS(?) charger timers.

One left - it leaks gear oil.

Thanks for looking!!  We are constantly on the Elec-Trak search and rescue mission so please let us know if you are interested in any of our inventory, or if you know of tractors, attachments, parts, manuals, advertizing, etc. that would like some friendly company in our shop.
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