We strive to deliver complete and off-the-chart satisfaction to all of our Elec-Trak electric garden tractor customers.
Steve has gone far out of his way to secure 2 rare Elec-trak attachments we could not find in the Western US. He restored each prior to shipping them in crates he built to protect the cargo from damage! His attention to detail gives inspiration for all of us striving for good American craftsmanship. Thanks for the great customer service.  As a follow-up, everything arrived in perfect condition - excellent job on the shipping crates!  The rototiller is absolutely beautiful. I especially like the bucket-O-spare parts for the sickle bar. Thanks for sending all the stuff along. I'm taking a day off to unpack everything and just admire it. I want to repeat how much I appreciate this. The rototiller and sickle bar are a dream come true for us.  I cannot possibly thank, or recommend Steve highly enough.   Lance and Jennifer B.  Oregon

I'm glad to see Steve continuing his search for ET material and making it available for others to use.  It has been amazing to see how much "stuff" he has found and I've been very happy with the "experienced" items that I've gotten from him.   His restoration work is very impressive.  Larry C.  Ithaca, NY

I have worked with Steve on several projects.  His enthusiastic commitment and attention to detail are evident in the quality of his work.  I'm always enjoy seeing the results of his restoration efforts.  Nick S.  Schnectady, NY

Where I live on the west coast there are very few Elec-Trak parts, tools, and attachments.  Steve heard of my plight and offered to send me two hand tools so I would feel more connected to the Elec-Trak community.  Very few people around here have heard of ET's, let alone have extra stuff they are willing to part with.  Steve took apart both tools, cleaned and polished them, and mailed them out quickly.  That kind gesture started the ball rolling - I have now found additional ET tractors and parts to keep me busy for a long while.  H. Duin California

I'm very very happy with the parts & dozer blade I just bought from Steve.  Put the blade on yesterday and graded a rough portion of the driveway that really needed attention.  Worked great!  Your prices are fair and you make sure the things you sell work—which is great for the mechanically challenged (like me).  The transaction was wrapped in a fun discussion about elec-traks, history and tips.  Thanks again for the hospitality!  Eric A.  CT

Steve has been a great resource and has really energized the Elec-Trak community with his get togethers at his house and by helping people find tractors and implements.  I had been looking for a GE lawn sweeper for years and Steve helped me find one very quickly.  (It works great BTW!)  The seller forgot to include a bracket and Steve mailed it to me free of charge!  Steve has a knack for finding Elec-Traks & parts and he shares his finds with the community.  I returned to Steve's place and found he has set up shop as the Home Depot of used Elec-Trak parts. He spent two hours helping me find what I needed and I got a whole bunch of used and few NOS parts to rebuild my fleet. Get em while they last folks! Steve always makes it worth your trip.  Count on Steve as one of your Elec-Trak resources.  Jeff A.  West Chester, PA 
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