ELEC-TRAK vs. ICE (internal combustion engine).  Typically when someone thinks of a snowblower, lawnmower, rototiller, or a chainsaw, they are immediately reminded of the sounds those sources make.  Increasingly not only are the sounds an issue but the deferred maintenance (rich burning, inadequate mufflers, etc.) that so often goes with those pieces of equipment are a known and proven contributor of air pollution.  With the small amount of electrical energy required to operate the Elec-Trak equipment line, obviously the majority sources of the air and sound pollution have been greatly reduced.  In one piece of GE Elec-Trak literature, it was stated that an Elec-Trak owner could mow an acre of lawn for around $.25 in electricity.  It appears the economics of Elec-Trak ownership also come into play with these fabulous machines.
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