The infamous Elec-Trak electric garden tractor now has it's own annual party!
THE ANNUAL SUMMER ELEC-TRAK PARTY:  On July 31, 2010 we held the inaugural Elec-Trak party at our property in Richmondville, NY.  I really wanted to step away from the keyboard and the Elec-Trak Forum and have some fun, good food, and a little face-time.  Bruce Laumeister, the General Manager for the Elec-Trak Division was in attendance.  As was George Beckett, the owner of the best Elec-Trak collection in the U.S.  His website ( is an outstanding collection of photos, history, publications, and helpful information.  Enthusiastic ET owners from TN, VA, CT, PA, OH, and NY were in attendance.  We had a little swap meet that is sure to grow each year and at least one tractor (an I5 factory forklift) changed owners.  In the years to come, we also hope to have tech sessions, upgrade demonstrations, attachment demo’s, and a MIG welding demo/tryout to go along with the excellent food, company, and enthusiasm.  There are rumblings about a tractor pull too....hmm.

George Beckett (l) and Bruce Laumeister (r).  Our grass-muncher in the foreground.

Bruce held everyone's attention the whole day.  Next year we hope to have more GE employees (and their stories) that built the mighty Elec-Traks.

The two main parts suppliers, Jim Coate and Harold Zimmerman, showcased plenty of tasty morsels.  The food including an Elec-Trak cake were excellent.  Grilled salmon, great salads & sandwiches, two wheelbarrows with cold drinks, and plenty of conversation and seating for all.  And the warm sunny day wasn't bad either!!

Our little shop with some items from the inventory shelves.  We decided to have a local videographer document the event. 

Bruce held court all day long.  What a thrill it was to have such an impressive and entertaining Elec-Trak history resource at the party. 
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