GE Elec-Trak Repair and Restoration
RESTORATIONS:  We strive to restore all original GE Elec-Trak hand tools, attachments, and/or tractors to as-new or better than new condition.  For the tractors, there are a handful of selective upgrades and enhancements which improve the function and usefulness of the original Elec-Trak line.  For instance, upgrading to modern controllers and chargers are highly recommended.  We believe the large frame tractors, E12 thru E20 including the I5 present better with 18” front tires and 24” rears.  16” & 23” were standard. You end up sitting a little higher and the traction increases due to the increased ground contact. Also replacing relays, contactors, micro-switches, gauges, switches, fuses, and circuit breakers works well to eliminate future problems while reducing maintenance and downtime.  Even lift motors can be upgraded from bushings to bearings.  And of course, unless the batteries are recent, replacing them as well.  Although the batteries are a big expense, if your budget can afford it, it's like buying a many years of fuel up front and if you are diligent in their maintenance & charging, they can last 5 - to 8 years or more. 

We are currently restoring a rare E16 and will be posting progress photos soon.

For attachment and hand-tool restorations, bearings, brushes, fasteners, springs, pulleys, belts, and chains are replaced where necessary.  All parts are cleaned, sand-blasted where necessary, primed and painted.  Original data plates can be either removed, cleaned, and re-installed or they can be masked off during restoration and exposed after painting is complete.

We even found a source for new steering wheel decals this summer.  A nice upgrade to the often faded decals adhered underneath.  Another feature of our work are the neoprene washers we install underneath all metal fasteners to prevent paint damage.

New decal on the top of the cap (l), new decal under cap (m), original cap (r)
A simple thing like replacing a faded decal with a new one really makes the tractor pop.

Sickle bar under restoration.  I have never seen so many parts on an ET attachment!
We don't like to send any Elec-Trak part out of the shop unless it look as good as new.

Rototiller during tear-down.  The drive motor had new bearings & brushes installed then the motor was bench-tested, I made a new chain and sourced a new drive belt.  Rusted metal was removed and repaired - see photo below.
The Elec-Trak electric tractor rototiller is a beast.  Heavy, powerful, and does a great job!!

Rototiller cover accumulates moisture/dirt and if not cleaned out after each use, rusted metal results.  Hand-formed sheet metal pieces prior to welding in place.  Excess cover metal was removed to fit new contour, a skim-coat of bondo, primed and painted - looks like new. 
Creative fabrication saved this Elec-Trak rototiller cover - plus the help of a new MIG welder!

Rototiller 95% complete.  Left to do - install clutch spring/arm, adjust belt, install power cord.  Bench test. 
The new owner instantly fell in love with this restored Elec-Trak rototiller.

Upgraded front lift motor.  Replaced bushings with bearings, installed a new lift strap & guide.  Installed new teflon roller.  Work by Nick Skinner.
This restored/upgraded Elec-Trak electric tractor front lift looks and functions beautifully!!

Note two rotisserie frames installed at each end of tractor.  Allows elevation high enough to rotate tractor 360 degrees.  Perfect tool for restorations and more.  Remove batteries first!!!  This is the E20 prior to restoration that you can see on the Home Page.
Here's a very well kept Elec-Trak E20 just prior to restoration commencement.

Rotisserie frames in action.  Just pull up a stool and replace/adjust belts, brakes, drive motors, transaxles, paint, check wiring, etc.
It's truly amazing what a few pieces of metal plate and tubing can do for Elec-Trak restorations.

Restored inverter mounted under E20 hood - for show/parade purposes only.  Battery maintenance/access would be impossible with inverter in this position.
Even though it's not practical, this restored Elec-Trak inverter looks so impressive under a hood.

Fully restored mower deck.  New bearings and brushes, refinished oak rollers, new stainless fasteners.  New welded-in-place reinforcement plates under main support arm brackets.  Original decals and data plate masked off prior to sand-blasting.
My wife never thought I would put this lovingly restored mower deck to use - I proved her wrong. :-)

Underside of same deck.  New reinforcement plates installed at heavy stress points.  Depending on availability, we like to use the oak rollers.  The surfaces are cleaned up on a belt sander then 6 coats of clear marine varnish are applied.  Note liberal use of stainless steel fasteners above and below deck.
Discharge baffles cause metal pitting - leave them off and clean the underside after each use.

Refinished NOS HD front spindles.  Refinished and sharpened mower deck blades.
I was very lucky to find these rare spindles - I installed them on the Home Page Elec-Trak E20.

Weight box prior to sand-blasting. Primed with Rustoleum black then finish coat of Rustoleum gloss black. 
Elec-Trak electric tractor weight boxes are useful for added traction and carrying tools & materials

Happy owner - Larry Chace.  I painted the weight box gloss black so it would work with his E15 or the I5.  He said it was "worth the weight" :-)  Also took my portable MIG to his new shop to weld up angle brace stiffeners for his I5 winch lift. 

Restored dozer blade.  Exposed/unpainted metal sprayed with 4 coats of clear finish.
Note fabricated bracket to provide increased front lift motor "pull or lift". 
We decided to change the Elec-Trak lift strap setup to provide more lift for dozer/plow blades.  
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