The fabulous GE Elec-Trak electric garden tractors ride again!  No gas fumes - no oil - no motor sounds - no kidding!!

Restored E20 w/new sheet metal, dash, gauges, seat, drive belts, contactors, relays, micro-switches, decals, paint, and oversize tires.  Has NOS drive motor, NOS HD front spindles, upgraded front lift motor & battery charger, disk brake and real cruise control with 32 speeds forward & 8 in reverse.

 The quietest, most powerful, multi-talented garden tractor on the planet.  And now it's solarized.  Haven't needed the 110v factory charger since the solar install.

First and foremost, we want to bring life back to the amazingly versatile 40 year-old General Electric Elec-Trak machines.  The number of tractor models, attachments, and hand tools was without peer in the garden and lawn tractor industry.  Available at all dealerships were:  dozer blades, snowblowers, snow cabs, welders, inverters, hedge trimmers, mower decks, hand cultivators & edgers, leaf sweepers, lawn vacuums, plow & disk blades, golf bag holders, full canopy, double seat, heavy duty dump cart, multiple hitches, manual & electric lifts, electric drills, front-end loader, weight boxes, chainsaw, and the list goes on and on.  Any of these tools and attachments that have electric motors simply plug into the tractor’s PTO or accessory outlets and operate at 36 volts.  Serious mobile power at your fingertip

Restored GE Elec-Trak E-20 Electric Tractor
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